Nature Lovers


We would love to hear about your Australian nature finds and experiences to create a community of nature lovers who can learn off each other.

Please tag your pictures on Instagram or Facebook using @natureloversau and #natureloversau so we can share the love! We'll always attribute your photos when we share them.

Nature Exchange Experiences

We get so much joy hearing about your nature exchange experiences. Please share them with us on social media or via email, it brings a smile to our face and a little quick clapping of our hands. Here's a few from our Spring exchange.

"There was so much excitement today when we received our nature box from our buddies in NSW (as part of the @natureloversau Spring nature exchange). It was full of so many beautiful things... Thank you so much for organising such a beautiful activity." Tracey from @runwildheart

"Wowsers! Look at this treasure trove of nature! @thepoppyfox your family's gift is truly beautiful. After an initial heated discussion over who would wear which little glass jar the boys made an amicable agreement to share. They have started drawing, examining and measuring. Boy, I hope our exchange gift has brought about some small wonderment too. Not to mention my own enjoyment of this all! So happy to be part of the Spring nature exchange." Natalie from @wildwondermama

"I’ve just signed up for this lovely nature exchange again. Last time we got a box of goodies from Tasmania including a hand knitted joey’s pouch and photos of orphaned baby native animals from a Mother and son who care for wildlife. In exchange we sent them sketchbooks, paints, paintbrushes and pens to keep a nature journal - as we couldn’t send them natural specimens due to the quarantine regulations in Tas. Join us" Christina from @musing_mama

"Revamped nature collection for the @natureloversau spring exchange. After learning a lot about Tasmanian biosecurity we made a new collection to send with #sunprints and #beachtreasures. We have loved being part of this great project! #naturallearning #naturecollection #sharingtheloveofnature" Dalee from @heart_following_family

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