Nature Lovers


We've been nature lovers all our life.

As a kid I wore my cicada shell brooches with pride, would catch grasshoppers and keep them as pets (probably for a bit too long), would spend my holidays floating in local creeks, creating maps of my nearest bushland, and writing books about tracking animals that I'd staple together. My love of nature followed me through post graduate studies of environmental management and in to my pass time of trail running.

When we had Sierra we started telling her family stories (which she has an insatiable appetite for). It was through telling these family stories that we realised all our favourite memories have happened outdoors.

As a mum I adore getting out in to nature with the kids as often as possible and in all kinds of weather. When you start to notice how incredible nature is it's hard not to fall in love.

A love of nature is the ultimate gift. It provides a refugee from anxiety and the pressures of modern life, it provides countless opportunities for mindfulness, it offers the ability to look in awe and amazement at the life that surrounds us on a daily basis, and it strips us of society’s labels and allows us to develop our true identity.

Our future, and the future of our planet also needs nature lovers to develop and support a more sustainable way of living and protect the natural spaces we have left. As Baba Dioum said "in the end we only conserve what we love".

So together we started Nature Lovers and have so many great initiatives we can't wait to share with you! 

We believe there is so much we all can continue to learn from nature, and giving a love of nature is the best gift we can give.

We hope to create a community of nature lovers where we can share and foster that love together.

Lauren, Ken, Sierra and River xx

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